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cast iron fireplace

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Cast iron fireplace, just as its name implies, firstly, the material of the fireplace is cast iron. So, the question is, which part is made by cast iron?

Through the strict control to the eutectic point, cast iron can reach a highest level for burning resistant. The main method to control the eutectic point is change the silicon carbon equivalent. As long as keep away from the eutectic point, the cast iron can be burned in high temperature for a long time.

The features of iron casting parts:
1, Good abrasion resistance and vibration free: Because of graphite in cast iron is good for soothing and oil reservoir, so the wear-ability of cast iron is well. Also, as a result of the existence of graphite, elimination of grey cast iron is better than that of steel.
2, Good process performance: Because the grey cast iron carbon content is high, close to the eutectic composition, so the melting point is lower, good liquidity, small shrinkage rate, thus suitable for casting structure or complex thin wall castings.

So, If fireplace uses cast iron more, it will be more longevous, especially for its heating parts.

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