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What does integral flange mean?

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Hebei Zhuoke is specialized in manufacturing kinds of flanges with best quality and high requirements. ZK flanges focus on flanges meeting our customer’s requirements best.

Integral flange is one type of steel pipe welding neck flange, one of linking types of flange.  

The materials of integral are various, carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, etc. But so many types of flanges, why call it integral flange? The sorting techniques of flange are chemical industry standard and petrochemical industry standard. Integral flange is the name from chemical industry standard.

Integral flange can be divided into thread connection integral flange and weld integral flange. According to the thickness of the different pressure of the integral flange, the connection bolt diameter and the number is different as well.

Hebei Zhuoke not only can provide you various flanges, but also can supply you other casting and forging parts both in regular and custom.

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