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What Does Gear Mean

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Gear engineering requires professional skills in several action fields such as design, production, operation, maintenance, repair, and recycling. Generally, the main action fields are established by the industry profile. Industries and companies with actions in the maintenance and repair of gears usually ask for skilled professionals in the recovery of these elements.

Typically, the repair of gears implies bigger challenges to the gear engineers, because the problems and solutions involve already-manufactured gears whose geometry is generally unknown. In this situation, the engineer needs to know the previous basic geometry of the gears in order to have a reference for the recovering or remanufacturing.

There are a wide variety of CNC generative gear testers and coordinate measuring machines (CMM) used for inspection and control of spur and helical gears with fully automatic measuring cycles and extremely short measuring times combined with high measuring accuracies. In these advanced gear-measuring machines, the profile of the tooth can be checked and compared with a flank topography reference, and by means of a trial-and-error procedure, it is possible to obtain an approximate geometry of the analyzed gears (Kumar, 2014). Moreover, some advanced measurement machines have incorporated special programs for measuring gears with unknown parameters and determining some important data of the gear basic geometry (Grimsley, 2003). Unfortunately, these machines are costly and often inaccessible to the company or factory involved with gear remanufacturing. Because of this, gear specialists (González Rey, 1999; Innocenti, 2007; Belarifi et al, 2008; and Schultz, 2010) involved with recreating replacement gears are considered alternative procedures to determine the unknown gear geometry using more simple measurement tools.

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