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What Does Casting Gear Mean

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Most casting processes have been used to produce gear blanks or cast tooth gears including sand casting, shell molding, permanent mold casting, centrifugal casting, investment casting, and die casting. Cut gears have also been produced from continuously cast bars.Sand casting is used primarily to produce gear blanks. In recent times, there has been only very limited use of gears with teeth made by sand casting. In some instances, gears for farm machinery, stokers, and some hand-operated devices have used cast teeth. 

The investment casting process has similarly limited use in gear manufacturing. Its most apparent value lies in the making of accurate gear teeth from materials so hard that teeth can not be readily produced by machining. This process can be used with a variety of steels, bronzes, and aluminum alloys. With machinable materials, the process is still useful, if the gear is integral with some complicated shape that is very difficult to produce by machining.

Many different types of gears can be cast, such as spur, helical worm, cluster, and bevel. Applications for these types of gears include pump, tractor, excavator and so on.

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