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Unique Gear Manufacturing

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All gears begin their lives as a forging, casting, hot-rolled bar, billet, powder metal, and, most recently, directly from 3D printing (additive manufacturing). Depending on the application, there then may be subsequent operations such as cold forming, instead of machining, to create the final shape.

Most gear applications require a strengthening process after final machining or forming, such as carburizing and neutral hardening of steel, flame hardening, or austempering for cast iron and nitriding for steel (as well as cast iron). After the initial forming processes and before final machining still other heat treating is required to assure that all of the alloying elements especially carbon are in solid solution and uniformly distributed in austenite.

(hot) from billets is a common practice that produces a blank in the basic shape of the gear or pinion. Billets are rectangular bars cut from hot rolled slabs or continuous cast steel to specific sizes, to accommodate the mass of an individual gear blank. During the forging process, flow lines that conform to the blank’s cross section are created—these lines represent a segregation of the alloy. If hardened in this condition stringers of soft material (low-alloy regions) parallel to the flow lines of richer alloy will create excessive distortion when quenched and uneven wear in use.

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