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The Difference between Casting and Forging

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Today is the fourth day of Olympic Game, China has got 4 gold medals.This is the result of the joint efforts of all Chinese athletes. Although some foreign athletes say some wrong thing to disturbing the mood of athletes in our country, our athletes will still try their best to do it. The person who tell a lie to injure his opponent, won the game but lose the character. This is only the personal view.

ZK casting can make both of the two kinds of products. Sometimes casting and forging just like two opponents, they can learn each other, and get common progress. 

Forging and casting are two different techniques used for transforming metal materials into the desired form in context to shape and size. Forging makes use of compressive forces, whereas casting makes use of mold cavities where metal liquid is poured and then solidified to form into the desired shape. Forging process is considered to be better than casting due to its production of parts with denser microstructures, better grain patters and less porosity.

ZK casting
ZK casting

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