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Ten Considerations of Pouring

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1. Remove all obstructions in channels and venues.

2. Check whether the ladle is dry and whether the rotating part is flexible. What is the most important is that no drying ladle can not be used.

3. All the tools that contact with hot metal must be preheated more than 500 ℃ before using. Otherwise, they are not allowed to use.

4. Hot metal must not exceed 80% of the hot metal ladle volume. When lifting up the ladle, we should smooth slowly, in unison, to prevent the molten iron spill wounding.

5. There must be someone responsible to follow the ladle.

6. Implement the five nots cast strictly:
(1) Do not pour, if temperature is not enough;
(2) Do not pour, if the iron grades is wrong;
(3) Do not pour, if the slag is not blocked;
(4) Do not pour, if the sand box is not dry;
(5) Do not pour, if the molten iron is not enough.

7. It is not allowed to pour from the riser to the sand box.

8. When filled with molten iron sand, it should be ready to ignite the vapor holes, riser, tank seam exhaust gas, in order to avoid gas and molten iron splash wounding. 

9. The remaining molten iron should pour in the prepared mold or sand pit, to prevent molten iron exploded wounding.

10. All equipment should be checked, to ensure that they are safety and reliability before using.

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