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How to install pulleys correctly?

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Pulleys, relative size compared commonly big, mostly is given priority to with casting, forging, material is cast iron, with less cast steel; Generally smaller pulleys, can design for forging, material is steel. So how should the pulley installed? And how to remove? Let’s learn together.

1, Check the pulley groove, ensure no scar or sharp edges and all dimensions conform to the standard.
2, Clean all parts surface, such as belt wheel hub hole, taper sleeve, the spiral keyhole, etc. Add cone sets into the pulley, the all of the screw hole alignment.
3, In the screw (TB 1008-3030) of TB and thread (TB 3525-5050) of TB on oil after screwing in mounting holes, but not tighten.
4, Clean the shaft surface, will be has been shipped on taper sleeve pulley to the shaft of the desired location, see if the triangle wheel alignment.
5, When using keyway, must first put it into the hub, between the keyway and hole hub must have a certain tolerance.
6, Using DIN911 standard hex wrench, alternately evenly each mounting hole bolt on the ground, gradually until you reach the torque as shown in the table below.
7, After working in a short time (0.5 to 1 hour), check the bolt tightening torque, and if necessary, to tighten again.
8, In order to prevent foreign invasion, fill holes connection hole with grease.

1, Loosen all bolts, according to remove the hole out number one or two bolts, bolt and bolt lubrication oil tips, insert the bolt hole removal.
2, Tighten bolts, alternately until the taper sleeve and the belt pulley to loosen.
3, Removed from the shaft taper sleeve and the belt pulley.

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