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How to install and remove the taper bushes?

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A: Install
1, ensure the mating surface are clean and free from oil and dirt. Insert the bush into the hub so that the securing holes are aligned.
2, Lightly oil the thread of the screws and place them loosely into the threaded holes of the hub as shown in the diagram.
3, Clean the shaft and fit the hub and bush to the shaft as one unit in the desired position. Remember that the bush will nip the shaft first and the hub will then be drawn slightly on to the bush.
4, Using a hexagon wrench, gradually tighten the screws alternately until tight.
5, Hammer against the large end of the bush using a block to avoid damaging the bush. The screws can now be tightened more. Repeat this procedure until the correct wrench tightening torque i achieved from the table below.
6, To achieve the best balance, if a key is not used, position the keyways in the bush and hub diametrically opposite to each other.
7, If a key is to be fitted, locate it in the shaft keyway before fitting the bush. It is essential that a parallel key with top clearance be fitted. Under no circumstances should taper or top fitting keys be used.
8, After the drive has been running for a short time, check the tightness of the screws.
9, Finally, fill all empty holes with grease to exclude dirt and prevent corrosion.
B: Remove
1, Slacken all screws and remove one or two screws, according to the number of removal holes (see diagrams).
2, Lightly oil the screws and insert it or them into the removal holes and tighten down until the assembly loosens. If the bush does not loosen immediately, lightly tap the hub.
3, Remove the assembly from the shaft.

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