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How to choose a more appropriate pump?

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The performance of a pump depend on its pressure and temperature rate, valve body, rate of flow, lift of pump, revolving speed and net positive suction head.

A.Rate of flow.
 Which means the medium quantity required to different pumps during the production of equipment. For this information, staffs will give us the data in regular, minimum and maximum.

 When you choose the pump, you must take attention to it that the required rate flow can not less than the maximum flow of device, or take the 1.1 to 1.15 times of the normal flow.

B. Lift of pump.
 For this factor, in general, the rated lift must be higher than the lift needed for the device.

C. Pressure rate.
 The level of pressure is connected with the requirements of shell’s pressure and shaft seal.

ZK pump parts
ZK pump parts

Process parameters is the most important basis, pump selection should be determined according to technological process and operating range.

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