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How to Boost Shower Pressure

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Are you fed up with standing under the dribble from your shower espescially in cold winter?

The hot water booster pump has been developed for domestic use in homes where inconsistent or low hotwater pressures cause problems, especially in bathrooms and laundries. These extremely quiet pumps have particular application in homes equipped with gravity fed hot water system, or simply in situations where low water pressure is experienced.

The hot water booster pump can be easily installed to new pipework or existing pipework. The pump increases the water pressure so that the flow rate is comfortably high in showers, taps and any other domestic water outlets. A built-in flow switch starts and stops the pump when the tap is turned on and off.

ZK, as a professional export company , provide all kinds of pump parts to customers, such as pump cover, pump body, pump block, spot for pump, connection parts for pump and impeller. ZK pump can all be customized, any type you needing we can meet your requirement best. Contact us any time, if you need.

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