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Gears in Pump

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Gears are used in pumps across a wide spectrum of industries. These include lube pumps for power transmissions in automobiles and heavy trucks, off-road and agricultural vehicles, the food industry, hydraulic lifts, metering/dosing fluids, and moving chemicals. Gears are used in these industries to lower cost without sacrificing quality in the pump application and because of the many design options available in the development of the tooth forms and root radius.
There are many raw materials available for producing pump gears. They range from low/medium carbon steel in lower pressure pumps, to the higher-carbon alloyed steel materials that some pumps require for higher pressures, optimum gear strength, and excellent wear characteristics in applications requiring long life cycles.

It is very important that the manufacturer know all the functions of the pump, especially the operational requirements and any special fluids to be used in the pump or metering operation. The producer can specify the exact gear material by the critical properties needed. Then, with the appropriate process defined, the gear set will have what is necessary to ensure the success of a conversion from other gear manufacturing processes.

Strength of materials has advanced today for gears applications. Using lower-cost, conventional processing methods, it is now possible to produce gears with tensile strength over 200,000 PSI with yield strengths near 190,000 PSI. For a long gear life, one can also expect micro hardness of gears after heat treat to be R/C 58-60 when produced from one of the many alloy steels available to the manufacturers today. 

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