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Gears in Agro Industry

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Gears and gearboxes are widely used in the agro industry. With the advance in technology the agro industry has also advanced and India is still making significant advances in this field. Agriculture has been an essential activity for the survival of mankind. The agricultural industry has come along way from subsistence farming to mechanized agriculture.

The industry makes use of modern technology and powered machinery in different processes. Many processes including tilling, seeding, ploughing, irrigation, pest and insect control etc. make use of a variety of specialized gears, pumps and engines for better farming technique. Agriculture vehicles like tractor also use different gearboxes.

ZK gears

All agro machinery consists of different types of gears depending upon their function and property. Different gears are used differently in the industry.

1. Spur gears: Transmit power in applications utilizing parallel shafts. They are also used as fuel  pumps.
2. Helical gears: Transmit power between parallel and non-intersecting applications.
3. Racks: They are used for linear rotary power motion.
4. Pinion gears: connect shafts of motors on reducers.
5. Worm gears: Wormis used as vertical shaft threaded with small pitch angle from the horizontal.
6. Sprockets: Engages the link of a chain in the tractor.

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