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Gear in Automobile Industry

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The quality requirements of the automotive industry for gears and transmissions are rising steadily. Compact designs and the trend toward higher-torque engines result in very high performance for manual, automatic, and differential transmissions. At the same time maximum running smoothness is required for driving comfort and the impression of quality of the vehicle as a whole.

The stringent requirements for gear performance and running smoothness make it necessary to adapt gear geometry to the deformations that occur under load. This leads to ambitious geometries, with tolerance specifications in the micrometer range and stringent demands on the quality, structure, and strength of tooth flank surfaces.

Extreme pressure on costs conflicts with these rising quality requirements, counteracted among other things by shortened production lines and throughput times. The important thing here is to use and combine the most high performance gear-cutting and finishing technologies to the best possible effect, on the one hand to increase productivity and cost efficiency and on the other to guarantee a stable production process at a high level of quality.

The key production step in terms of quality is fine finishing of the hardened gears. The two gear-production processes most suitable for this are gear honing and threaded wheel grinding, which also deliver the economic viability for the mass market required by the automotive industry.

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