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Flange Protection

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The integrity of flanged connections is critical to the containment of fluids in a piping system. Loss of containment, whether in chemical lines such as hydrocarbons and gas systems or water distribution lines, will have significant environmental, operational and commercial impact, and could pose a serious safety risk.

Crevice corrosion is a common damage mechanism where there is a concentration of corrosive substances in a localised area. Over time, the corrosion started in the gap on the inside diameter of a flange can extend to the gasket area. The concentration of corrosive materials between the gap of the sealing surface and gasket material can influence the corrosion rate of the flange face.

As flanged connections are a critical component within the piping system, effective monitoring and inspection techniques are required to minimise unscheduled shutdowns due to leakage in order to meet ever demanding production requirements. 

If shut down is not an option, then an alternative method of inspection would be to use ultrasonic techniques, but again this process can be made much more complex and inaccurate if external corrosion is not controlled.

ZK flange
ZK flange

External corrosion protection of flanges and fastenings is therefore critical in order to be able to both monitor the system and provide more effective and realistic quality control and inspection procedures.

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