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Dangerous Belt Pulley

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A one year old child just can walk and run, and he is so lovely. But a little boy whose name is Haohao, suffering a huge accident. Because of his parents temporary careless, the child's arm was caught in a belt pulley agricultural vehicle, seriously injured. His parents seriously regret for their careless.

But why the belt pulley has so much power to injure a child’s arm? A belt and pulley system is characterised by two or more pulleys in common to a belt. This allows for mechanical power, torque, and speed to be transmitted across axles. If the pulleys are of differing diameters, a mechanical advantage is realised. So the pulley has huge power

Now I can tell you that all the ZK pulleys can be manufactured with gray iron and ductile iron and steel. ZK mainly provide gray iron pulley and ductile iron pulley, we have experienced technologies in these material.

ZK pulley
ZK pulley

ZK machining of the pulleys:
core making, molding, pouring, shake out after cooling, grinding, cleaning, finishing. If you want to know more information about our products, welcome to contact us.

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