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China advanced auto parts

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What does “advanced” mean? It indicates the maturity of production technology. For the processes of manufacture, which can be divided into knifing, casting, forging and so on.

Firstly, we can discuss about the casting parts. China is an area that rich in metallic ore, so that China have best-in-class technology in metal processing. Casting include ordinary sand casting,  metal mould casting process, lost wax casting method.

Advantages of casting:
1, Can be made into the shape of complex, especially the blank with complex inner cavity, such as housing, cylinder block, etc.
2, Application Range widely.
3, Casting can use low-cost waste parts and chip directly, so as to lower the equipment cost.
4, The sizes and weight of casting parts are wide without limit.

China can cast parts in both quality and price because of its advanced technology and manufacture machine. You can come to China to visit our factory and enjoy yourself at the same time.

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