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China Customized Pulleys

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Pulleys, manufactured by cast iron, cast steel, casting aluminum or stainless steel. Just as other standard casting parts, pulleys can be divided into standard and custom as well.

Since the ancient times, China is the hometown of iron ore. Thanks to this, ZK casting can provide casting parts widely. Both casting and forging parts, we can all produce. For example, casting parts for agriculture, construction, irrigation, industry, household and so on. One of which is pulleys, rotating components.

As we all know, pulleys have SPZ, SPA, SPB, SPC four sizes. These are standard pulleys, maybe sometimes you don’t want the pulley to be so standard, you want it to be more personalized and more suited. Then you can custom pulleys, for customized pulleys, whatever the size or design, give your drawing to us, we can give the finished product to you.

ZK customized pulley
ZK casting pulley
ZK casting customized pulley ZK casting customized timing pulley

You can decide your pulley, make it fit your need. Customized pulley fit your requirements better, let your products be more applicable.

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