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Casting VS Forging

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The main difference between a casting and a forging is that the forging is mechanically worked after solidification. This mechanical working imparts directionality, or anisotropy, to the forging. Castings and forgings are both susceptible to manufacturing problems and misapplication by the buyer.

In general, a forging is best suited to simple configurations that can be easily worked in a die or other tooling. It is also suited to applications in which the principal applied stresses are the same as the direction of mechanical working. A casting is best suited to complex shapes, custom or tailored chemistries, and to applications that are subject to multi-axial stresses.

Casting buyers need to work closely with foundries at the design stage in order to insure that the design is able to take advantage of directional solidification. The poor quality image of castings is often the result of the buyer not understanding this process. The casting buyer must also understand that there are limitations to relying solely on quality. Quality is best enhanced by using tools such as solidification modeling at the design stage to insure the production of a high-quality product.

ZK, as a import company, can provide sundry casting and forging products at one time. The factories we cooperated are nearly one hundred. They are making pattern, foundry, machining, heat-treating, testing, packing. We invite you to join us in our journey and together, strive to grow beyond boundaries.

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