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Casting Defects and Control Methods

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Many manufacturers will have a lot of problems in the casting (Bushes), and the cause is very complex. It is not just about casting process, but also on a number of factors and the nature of the cast alloy, melting alloys, performance modeling material and so on. Therefore, when analyze the cause of casting defects, we should generate from the specific conditions and get a comprehensive analysis, according to the characteristics of the defect, the location, the use of technology and other factors, and then take the appropriate technical measures to prevent and eliminate defects.

In the casting production process, there will be a lot of product defects due to the operation of non-compliance. Now I list two defects and control method.

1. Less than pouring
Casting is locally incomplete, often in thin-walled parts, furthest away from the runner or the upper part of the casting. Incomplete rounded corners are bright and sticky.
Low pouring temperature, slow casting speed or intermittent pouring;
Low content of carbon and silicon in the hot metal composition;
Not high enough on the sand, Inadequate pressure in the hot metal composition;
Prevention methods:
Increase pouring temperature, pouring speed and prevent intermittent pouring;
After adjustment of furnace ingredients, increase the content of  carbon and silicon ;
Increase the height of the sand box.

2. No poured over
The upper part of the casting has defects and its edge is rounded.
Iron ladle water is not enough;
Runner is narrow and the casting speed is too fast. When the hot metal spills from the pouring cup, the operator mistakenly believe that mold has been filled, and stop pouring prematurely.
Prevention methods:
Correctly estimate the iron ladle water;
Slow casting speed to narrow runner mold and ensure that the mold is filled.

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